Celeste's bittersweet (and hard!) Goodbye


587. That was the total number of times I “died” during my journey through Chapter 9 of Celeste which offers a bittersweet goodbye to Madeline's journey – the 'sour' because it's the end and the 'sweet'. ”Is by offering one of the most honest and sincere gaming experiences I have ever had.

Madeline is now experiencing something that many of us have had to (and still will) go through: loss. Grandma is no longer here, and it is terribly frightening to think of facing the world without her.

Still in denial, the protagonist sets out on a new journey that, at first, is to “save” Grandma and bring her back. return. But it doesn't take long to realize that this is still an internal struggle of its own.

Overcoming a loss is extremely difficult and at times may seem even impossible. And that's exactly how I felt as I made my way through the jumble of complicated and puzzling stages of the last DLC of the indie game.

Wrong timing, a little distraction, or just a swipe of the finger made me go back to the area. from the checkpoint, forcing me to try to get over the path all over again.

Between name calling and (almost) throws of control, I found myself smiling and cheering when I could get past the obstacles (and those damn explosive fish). In addition to trying to motivate myself by thinking, “I'll make it!”, When it seemed like I wasn't going to move at all.

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<figcaption class= Laying down and thinking about life. Who has never done that?

This wasn't the first time I played something that tackles a theme like this one and it won't be the last one either. But what makes me think that Celeste stands out among the rest is that there is such a great tune between story and gameplay – and of course having such characters

In the end, we realize that loss is inevitable. Mourning too. But memories are eternal and we should be grateful for what we could live and experience. And it is Theo who perfectly explains this feeling: It's horrible that they left. But at least we could share the Mountain with them. ”

Saying goodbye is not easy, but I'm glad I'll always have memories to share about this game. Thanks for everything, Celeste !

Celeste is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The latest DLC is completely free.

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